Jermaine Wallace

Historical biography of Jermaine Wallace   passion creation of boom js cuisine - find out his story.


Located in the homey neighbourhood of Pointe-Saint-Charles Jermaine Wallace decided to open a restaurant that brings  its diners to the Caribbean with just one bite. This Jamaican native’s main objective is to provide customers with an authentic Jamaican dining  experience. 

“We love it when people come here for the first time seeking new flavours,” he says. “We’re a unique restaurant and diners feel the true spirit of Jamaica in our cuisine, our décor and our service.”

Offering Jamaican staples like jerk chicken , curried goat and Jamaican patties, the menu at Boom J's Cuisine has something for anybody who wants a proper introduction to the island's cuisine.

Jermaine’s journey to culinary entrepreneurship is anything but typical. Born in Jamaica, Jermaine's mother taught him to cook at a very young age before he immigrated to Quebec at the tender age of 10. His entrepreneurial approach was unconventional: “at the beginning, I would send a mass text to all my contacts to let them know what I was cooking that night,” he recalls. “They would text their orders back and I was on my way along the delivery.”

Jermaine honed his culinary skills giving young children cooking lessons in a Little-Burgundy community centre, which allowed him to give back to his community while at the same time letting him use its industrial kitchen. “There were lots of kids from the Caribbean communities,” he explains. “So this was a way to regain some of the culture they lost in translation. Rediscovering their roots through cooking made them so happy!”

Following his involvement with the community, the young chef bolstered his success for business with a six-month management course at Concordia University. He then set up shop at Boom J's Cuisine’s current location(2026 Wellington ) in April 2013.

“You have to always do your homework, and never be afraid to make mistakes,” he proclaims. “Good or bad, feedback is all about character-forming. That’s what allows you to soldier on no matter what.”


Passing down the Caribbean Vibe to the New Generations

Jermaine is proud of Boom J's Cuisine’s ability to appeal to a varied clientele. Locals and natives of the Caribbean are given the same warm welcome: “this is my community now, and I want to offer Quebec a bit of Jamaica. You leave a bit of your culture behind when you emigrate, but you can adapt and preserve it for the next generation,” he concludes with a smile.